Smart Office In A Box

Global smart offices are making enterprise tasks simpler through connectivity and collaboration. For SMEs and startups, unified smart office solutions offer integrated devices that eliminate long-standing challenges and change how people work.

India is fast becoming a land of opportunities for startups and SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Each year, 60,000 new businesses register in the country. These are poised to support India’s growth to a $5 trillion economy by 2025.

However, setting up a new business is not easy. There are unique ICT (information and communication technologies) challenges to deal with, such as managing multiple tech vendors, setting up devices, ensuring security and other CapEx-heavy tasks.

Initial setup costs for small businesses can turn out to be prohibitive, especially if the enterprise is not tech-ready. Luckily, the upcoming concept of ‘smart offices’ is altering workspace design to make offices tech-enabled and collaborative. By delivering efficient and employee-friendly solutions, smart offices can transform how modern enterprises conduct tasks. The popularity of smart offices is expected to drive the global smart office market to reach $58.62 billion by 2025.

The new ‘office-in-a-box’ phenomenon
Smart offices leverage the IoT (Internet of Things) and other modern technologies to create connected ecosystems that understand employee needs. Workers can easily connect devices and analyse data in real time, and remote workers can also get secure access to employee resources. By integrating voice, data, storage and app functionalities for enterprises, smart offices can fulfil the unique needs of startups. These serve equally well for small home offices, diverse branches and businesses that are upgrading from legacy technologies.

In simpler terms, smart offices are one-stop solutions for all communication and application needs of a business enterprise.

For modern enterprises, smart offices mean different things. For some, it may mean making desks smarter by providing assorted connectivity and shared app options. This leads to better space utilisation and occupancy understanding, especially for new enterprises where seating is limited. For others, smart offices cover the entire gamut of network connectivity and enable remote workers to collaborate seamlessly. They are given tools for easy remote conferencing and cloud-based project management. In other cases, entire workspace designs are revamped with voice-enabling and other IoT functionalities. This facility enables workers to multitask seamlessly and juggle shared services. In these ways, smart offices are changing the future of work.

While enterprises regularly promote modern offerings such as ergonomics, open floor work areas and cloud-based conferencing, the infrastructure that these features operate on is the unsung hero. Smart cybersecurity features also come under the purview of smart offices. Ensuring that employee devices remain secure and private while remotely connecting to the network is a critical concern. This is especially valid when IoT-enabled devices become the norm.

Smart desks, conference rooms, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems and devices are crucial for building a comfortable environment. Any feature that enables employees to be happier and more productive is beneficial, and smart offices play a vital role in generating satisfaction as well as security and reliability.

SmartOffice: One box effortless connectivity
Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) recognises that launching new business enterprises is not easy. With significant CapEx and OpEx to balance, initial setup costs can turn out to be higher than predicted. Being tech-enabled is an advantage, but it comes with its own set of enterprise connectivity activities.

The ‘SmartOffice’ solution is designed as a one-stop-shop that helps enterprises build smart offices. It offers voice, data, storage and apps in a single plug-and-play box that is simple to set up and economical to operate.

Small enterprises face the twin challenges of agility and scalability to cater to changing market demands, and SmartOffice enables them to address these effortlessly. SmartOffice’s plug-and-play functionality can transform an SME’s capabilities in a matter of minutes by giving it the freedom to quickly scale up and meet the demand.

Additionally, SmartOffice can also be bundled with features such as:

SmartOffice bundle includes:

  • State of the art device absolutely free of cost
  • Unlimited voice calling with crystal clear voice delivered on SIP trunk (Session Initiated Protocol)
  • High speed dedicated Internet as per bandwidth of choice
  • Zero Rental audio conferencing services with 500 free minutes every month
  • Industry-first SLA-backed toll-free numbers that can be set up within 60 minutes
  • Document management system (DMS) in a try-and-buy offer

Whether an enterprise is expanding or just starting up, the SmartOffice solution negates the need to invest in multiple devices or approach numerous service providers. Its comfortable plug-and-play functionality offers a quick transition to a smart office and higher ROI.

To learn more about the SmartOffice business connectivity solution, and how TTBS can help address your smart office requirements, contact us at 1800 266 1800.

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